Small steps…

Our hands-on organizing work has commenced!  Unfortunately I was still recovering from a cold, so we only did about an hour of work.  Not much, but it’s something.  J sorted and purged one of his childhood boxes, while I cleaned out an area that had collected beach gear, sports equipment, and old paint cans.

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The Grades Are In…

Last Friday I posted my organizing goals for Memorial Day weekend.  The Little Guy’s quickly approaching due date had increased my Incomplete Project Stress level to a point where something needed to be done.  So I decided to use the peer pressure of the internet to help me make some progress and reduce my stress […]

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Combating Incomplete Project Stress

This week I have been feeling my Incomplete Project Stress level increase.  The “started, but not quite finished” projects to do before the Little Guy comes seem to be growing and are starting to get to me (or as I told J, “I might freak out soon.”).  Time really is running out.  This was made […]

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