The Breaking Point

I’ve reached the point that all people going through a remodel reach… The breaking point. I’m done. I want my house back. I’m stressed that we’ve made bad decisions…Will I like the cabinets? Do I like that tile? What if I hate the flooring? What if I don’t like the paint colors? At this point, […]

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Finding the Middle Ground

I often get the question, “How do I get my husband/wife/partner/roommate to be organized?”  Ahh…what a tricky situation. This is something J and I have had to work through; we probably always will.  It started when I first moved into his house and has continued as our lives have changed: from me starting a job/quitting […]

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Diagnosis: Inner Tube Brain

While I was pregnant, other moms would tell me to watch out for “Mom Brain.”  After careful examination of my symptoms (i.e. turning on the washing machine before taking the clothes out, forgetting the three items I wanted to buy at the grocery store), I’ve diagnosed myself with this condition.

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