A Challenging Client…

I have a challenging client – she has only kept one appointment with me (and she ended that one early), she keeps scheduling future appointments but then cancels, says she’ll work on her own but doesn’t…I’m not sure she’s committed to working together.  One other problem with this client…it’s me.  As X-man says, “Uh-oh.”

I decided to hire myself this winter when I felt like the house wasn’t fitting our life.  Then the universe threw a wrench at me, and I got pregnant with Baby #2 (The Mr.)!  Exciting news, but there was no way the nighttime organizing J and I had planned was going to happen once morning sickness hit (aka all day hangover without the fun). After getting X-man into bed, all I could manage was laying on the couch.

X-man is going to be a big brother!
X-man is going to be a big brother!

So I became a very challenging client – I wanted things to change, but was struggling to take action. The laundry room with all of J’s boxes is still driving me crazy, and now the storage room is even more out of control.

I only have one word for this…AHHHHH!

Even though the organization of the house hasn’t changed, I have made some progress is my organizing life; I experienced how important it is to work on projects when I have the energy to do them.  Even if I’m not pregnant, I do not want to organize at night. I want to sit and work on things that don’t require much thinking: working on my photos, putting the Target list together, watching Property Brothers (so cute!).  When I’m struggling to work on a project, a change in the time of day I attack it might help.

I’m into my second trimester now and no longer want to die (only a slight exaggeration).  I moved my organizing appointment with myself to Monday afternoons during my workday.  My clients often take time from their work to meet with me – time for me to learn from them.

So what now?  The big projects are still out there and more have been added to the list with The Mr. on the way – he will be taking over my office 🙁 and it needs to go somewhere.  Here’s my path forward:

  • Work on my organizing projects during the day.  And the areas where J needs to be involved?  Haven’t figured that one out yet…classic organizing with a spouse problem.  More to come.
  • Adjust the organizing priority plan.  The laundry and storage rooms are still #1 and #2 so we can open up storage space, but now moving my office and getting The Mr.’s room ready are #3 and #4.

And finally…continue to accept that it won’t all get done, and it will all be okay.  Our house will always be a little chaotic, and as this belly gets bigger I won’t be able to do as much.  Better to spend my energy enjoying our time as a family of three instead of stressing about the organizing that isn’t taking place!

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