An Organizer’s Move

Lil' T
Lil’ TJ

In the over twelve months since I last posted, I had a baby (welcome Lil’ TJ!), took a break from my business, and…moved to Houston, Texas! Just a couple changes.  We have been in Houston for almost three weeks now and are working on getting the house put together.  The boxes have been unpacked (only because the moving company is coming to pick them up soon!), but now we need to find homes for everything. And soon – Lil’ TJ is about a day away from crawling around the death trap that is our home!

I thought it would be fun to use this blog to show how a Professional Organizer handles putting a home together with two kids, trying to start a business in a new area, and handling life in general (you know, those annoying things like laundry and grocery shopping).

Somedays I’ll show significant progress, but most days it will be whatever I can get done in 15 minutes during nap time or while Lil’ TJ is in the jumperoo.  But that’s reality.

And in the attempt to actually do these posts, I ask all readers to forgive errors. I’m going for completion, not perfection on this one.

The Master Bath

Yesterday I was going to spend an hour working on our master bathroom…but then The X-man woke up early from his nap and the family headed to the spray park.  Here’s what I got done in the 15 minutes I was able to work.

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