Combating Incomplete Project Stress

This week I have been feeling my Incomplete Project Stress level increase.  The “started, but not quite finished” projects to do before the Little Guy comes seem to be growing and are starting to get to me (or as I told J, “I might freak out soon.”).  Time really is running out.  This was made clear when a friend had her little boy four weeks early and another friend said to me several times, “You know the baby could come any day right? Do you have your bags packed?”.  Yes, I do know the baby could come any day, and no, I do not have my bags packed.

I realize if our projects don’t get done before the Little Guy arrives there will not be a crisis.  However, it would be great to cross more items off the To Do list and decrease my Incomplete Project Stress level.  I’ve learned I accomplish more when I tell others about my plans (peer pressure does wonders for me).  What better way to do that than to put the items I want to complete on the internet?

So here are my Memorial Day weekend organizational goals…

The In-Progress Storage Room


This project has dragged on for awhile and it’s time to finish my part – the organization!  I will determine homes for everything we have down there and FINISH putting them away.  This includes our new home office area, which I have been avoiding.

Little Guy’s Room

The Little Guy’s Gifts

Due to the belly, I won’t be painting or putting furniture together – those are for J to complete.  But I can tape the room for painting and organize the baby gifts.  Then when the furniture is put together and the elfa closet is installed (yes, the Little Guy will have the nicest closet in the house), I will already know what needs to be stored in the room.

This may not seem like a long list, but I’m trying to be realistic; I don’t have great endurance, I move very slowly, and I have to factor in all the bathroom breaks.  Better to under-promise and over-deliver.  Next week, I’ll share what I accomplished and how it changed my Incomplete Project Stress level.

I guess I’ll pack a bag for the hospital, too.  It would be a shame if I didn’t heed all those warnings to pack one.

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