Hiring Myself

I’ve decided to hire myself.  The house is stressing me out and I feel very overwhelmed; there was a period where I felt like the home was on the verge of collapse (of course it wasn’t).

Being organized is about having a space that works for me, not against me, and there are definitely areas of the home that I’m fighting with at the moment.  We have outgrown our systems and changes must be made!

This has been building for the last six months or so; summer vacations took their toll and then X-man started daycare four days a week so I could work more.  This resulted in me doing less of the household tasks and I started to feel stress about the state of the home.  Plus X-man is now 18 months old and has a whole new set of toys and activities he wants to do.

I have an idea of several issues in our home (paperwork flow, time management, managing to-dos, my office, toys, the laundry room, the storage room…I should stop now), but instead of attacking the spaces without rhyme or reason, I’m going to treat this like I’m working with a client.  The first step will be an assessment and plan.

One benefit of working with a professional organizer is accountability – the project will move forward because the organizer will come to the house and progress will be made.  Hiring myself doesn’t bring that same benefit, but I’m going to use the peer pressure of the internet to hold me accountable…my progress (or lack there-of) will be posted here for all to see.  Yikes!

While I work on the assessment and plan, take a look at some of my areas of stress…


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