Keepin’ It Simple

There are lots of reasons projects don’t get done in my house. Most of the time it’s due to the two crazy boys in my home, but sometimes I can’t blame them. Sometimes it’s completely my fault. I’ll think the project will take ten, very complicated steps; in reality, it will take two simple steps to get the same result.

I dealt with this recently when trying to decorate Lil’ TJ’s room. Several months ago I bought alphabet decals for his room, but they just sat on his bookcase because to do the project I thought I needed to…

  1. Figure out the right layout (26 letters does not make a perfect square).
  2. Figure out the perfect spacing…How far apart should each letter be?
  3. Figure out where it should go.
  4. Draw it all out on the wall.
  5. Perfectly stick on the letters on the wall.

It’s only five steps, but AHHH! It overwhelmed me. So I’d sit in the glider with Lil’ TJ and look at the box and do nothing. And then I’d look at his blank wall and feel bad it wasn’t decorated. The whole thing was silly.

Finally I decided to just get it done.  Why did it need to be so complicated? Who cares if the letters are straight or that it’s in the perfect location? I don’t. Lil’ TJ doesn’t. So, I came up with a new process.

  1. Use the layout on the back of the box and stick the decals on the wall.

It took all of 15 minutes while Lil’ TJ pulled all the books out of his bookcase. And it’s super cute! I have to remind myself that it’s better to just keep it simple and get it done! Life is crazy enough without adding extra steps.

My completed, not quite perfect, wall decals. Much better on the wall than in the box!
The completed wall decals. Much better on the wall than in the box!

This is part of a series on how I’m organizing a new home while taking care of two kids with J, trying to start a business in a new area, and handling life in general. In an attempt to keep posts timely, I ask all readers (especially my English teacher mom) to forgive errors. I’m going for completion, not perfection.

If you want to see my ideas on how I’d like our home to come together, check out my Pinterest board: The Organizer’s Home.

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