Preparing for Chaos

We have decided to remodel our home!

The work will touch every space in the home except for the bedrooms. We are gutting the kitchen, taking down part of a wall, adding a bathroom in the playroom, putting in new floors, adding more lights, removing the fireplace, rearranging the laundry room…whew!

With all that work heading our way, we will have to pack-up and store many of our belongings. Fortunately, we have a storage room; unfortunately, it looks like this:

We have a good size storage room, but without any shelving, things just pile up.


What we needed: Shelves!

Even if we weren’t doing the remodel, we need more shelving to get the most out of this space. And with everything needing to be moved out of the remodel zones, we really need more shelving! We brought the elfa shelving from our storage room in Virginia, but haven’t put it up – nothing like a remodeling job to push you to get things done!

What we did:

J and I spent one weekend on the project – 5-6 hours in total (a couple nap times and a couple hours one night). Here’s how it went down…

1. Emptied the room.

This made the playroom a disaster zone, but that was good motivation to finish…I don’t know how many times a day I tell the boys to “Go play in the playroom!”

2. Sorted and purged.

Most of the purging was done when we moved from Virginia so it wasn’t too much work.

3. Found categories.

We listed what we needed to store: baby gear, holiday decorations, house maintenance, tools, toys, the miscellaneous stuff we tend to collect.

4. Planned it out.

We needed to figure out how to best use the shelving we already had – not an easy task. There were constraints on what we could do because of plugs, sprinkler system controls, attic doors, piping, and drops in the ceiling. Plus, we only had certain lengths on the elfa shelving and didn’t want to cut it. After a couple sketches, we had a plan!

5. Installed shelving.

We added almost 45 feet of shelving!


6. Filled it up.

I did my best to keep our big categories (Christmas décor and baby gear) together…this made me realize we have a ridiculous amount of baby gear! But now we have plenty of room to put everything from the remodel zones in the room (in a somewhat organized matter, too!).

These are the Christmas and baby sections – full to the brim!


These shelves will be used for items from the remodel zone.

How It Helped

We can get items off the floor and create more storage space for the remodel boxes – woo hoo!

What’s Next?

We will be packing up for the remodel and rearranging the house to create a makeshift kitchen and playroom in the bedrooms…stay tuned for progress ☺

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