The blog doesn’t show it, but I have made progress putting the house together. However, yesterday’s organizing adventure was just a classic example of doing work without anything to show for it.

Our playroom doubles as a guest room since the previous owners left their Murphy bed (genius!), but there isn’t any storage for guests’ clothing. I bought cubbies, but then decided to get creative and use furniture we currently have.

Step 1: Move cubbies from X-man’s room into playroom.  Woo hoo…look who’s saving money!

Step 2: Move toy storage bookcase from family room into X-man’s room to store his clothes. Never mind that I’m not sure where the toys will be stored.

Step 3: Turn bookcase that stores X-man’s clothes into a bookcase that will store his books.

As I was putting the books in X-man’s bookcase, I realized I didn’t like storing them in the bookcase. Little kids’ books come in all shapes and sizes, and it was going to be too hard to find books and put them away if they were stored in a traditional bookcase.

Step 4: Move everything back to its original state and just assemble the cubbies I had purchased. Bummer…not saving money after all 🙁

And then Lil’ TJ woke up from his nap, so after all that, I had nothing to show for it except for knowing I like to store kids’ books in cubbies. Needless to say, J wasn’t impressed 😉

This is part of a series on how I’m organizing a new home while taking care of two kids with J, trying to start a business in a new area, and handling life in general. In an attempt to keep posts timely, I ask all readers (especially my English teacher mom) to forgive errors. I’m going for completion, not perfection.

If you want to see my ideas on how I’d like our home to come together, check out my Pinterest board: The Organizer’s Home.

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