Small project – big change!


Linen closet - before
Linen closet – before

Before I decided to hire myself, I organized our linen closet.  With a lack of purpose and shelves that were falling down, the closet had been driving me crazy for months.

Things just ended up there because there wasn’t clear definition of what should go in the closet…it was storing sheets, some cleaning supplies, some of my workout gear, medicine, and beach and bath towels.

First I thought about how I wanted the closet to function. I wanted to use the closet for sheets, towels, and cleaning supplies we use only on the 2nd floor. I also wanted to get all the medicines, first-aid supplies, and extra toiletries out of our bathrooms where X-man was starting to explore. So with my goal and vision set, I started the hands-on work.

Sorting into bins.

Step one was to sort. I also went through the bathrooms to see what medicines, first-aid supplies, and toiletries should move to the closet.

Next step was to purge. Some of this process included tossing items, but it also included moving items to other locations – workout gear to the bedroom, beach towels to the basement.

Then it was time to figure out where thing should live.  All the child-friendly stuff (towels, TP, tissues, sheets) needed to be at the bottom so there weren’t any issues if X-man got into it.  All the possibly toxic and messy items went up high. I had J adjust the shelves to reduce any wasted space.

A key to maintaining any system is containers and labels. Containers keep things from moving into other items homes and labels communicate what goes where (especially helpful since I’m not the only one using the closet). Luckily I was able to use containers we already had – no money spent!

The final product - love!
The final product – love!

Four months later and it’s still working for us. Not a big project, but I’m no longer cursing the closet every time I open it!


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