The Grades Are In…

Last Friday I posted my organizing goals for Memorial Day weekend.  The Little Guy’s quickly approaching due date had increased my Incomplete Project Stress level to a point where something needed to be done.  So I decided to use the peer pressure of the internet to help me make some progress and reduce my stress a bit.  Here’s how I did:

Basement – Put everything in its home

I made great progress here, and the only items left to work on are labeling, decorating, and removing a couple items.  The storage room is well organized; the home office desk is clear.  If guests come tomorrow they will actually be able to sleep in the basement, which was not possible last Friday.  J and I get a little extra credit because we did some quick organization in the laundry room and can walk in there again!

Grade: B+

Before – No room for guests!
After – Guests are welcome!
Organized storage

The Little Guy’s Room – Tape for painting and go through the Little Guy’s gifts

Except for the four feet where the 92 pound crib box is being stored, the taping is finished!

I’m almost done going through the Little Guy’s gifts.  I sorted everything into its proper category – clothing, bedding, decorations, baby care, etc.  Then I removed any items that need to be returned and put each category in its own bag.  Just removing the extra boxes and bags made a huge difference to how I feel in the room.  The only category left to sort is the clothes.  I would have finished, but after having a minor breakdown (how am I actually going to know how and when to use all these items when the Little Guy is here?!?!?!), J made me stop working and eat some dinner.  Sometimes he’s pretty smart.

So while not complete, I feel much less stress about the items in the room.  I have a good handle on what we have and what we need to purchase.

Grade: A-

Hospital Bag: Pack it!

I do not have a bag packed yet, but I did go through my pregnancy books and start of list of what to pack – every good project starts with a list right?  In case I’m not the one doing the packing, I also included where the items are located.

Grade: B-

I gave myself a B overall for the weekend, but J gave me a B+, so I’m going with that (I think he graded on the pregnancy curve).  More important than the grade is my Incomplete Project Stress Level – much lower!  I still have incomplete projects, and I know I always will.  However, by taking the time to figure out what was causing me the most stress, I was able to create and implement a plan to reduce it.  For stress reduction, I’ll give myself an A 🙂

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