Time to Work

I found a nanny for Lil’ TJ a month ago, so I had time to start my business in Houston (and have a little bit of time without any kids – yeah!). This also meant I needed to work on my office. It was not a place conducive to working…

Because my new office has great built-ins, I didn’t really need the shelving from my old office, but I did still need more desk space – I tend to make a mess when working. Instead of buying another desk, I decided to use the shelving I had and find another use for the built-ins.

It’s not fully organized yet, but it’s a much better place to work (and we can walk through it now). Eventually it will get new paint and have pictures on the walls…someday!

This is part of a series on how I’m organizing a new home while taking care of two kids with J, trying to start a business in a new area, and handling life in general. In an attempt to keep posts timely, I ask all readers (especially my English teacher mom) to forgive errors. I’m going for completion, not perfection.

If you want to see my ideas on how I’d like our home to come together, check out my Pinterest board: The Organizer’s Home.

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