What a Kitchen Upgrade Can Teach an Organizer

We are in the middle of a small kitchen upgrade – just new cabinets and countertops.  As we were emptying the cabinets the day before installation, I was trying to use all my organizational skills when putting the items into our living room: keep like items together, find the best storage location, use the best containers to store items.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t making much progress, and it was getting late.

Using these organizing skills may have been necessary if we were undertaking a large kitchen remodel, but we weren’t.  I was stuck making any decision when my husband, J, gently pointed out we only had to keep these items in our living room for one day, and then we could start putting everything back.  I realized I was over-thinking and over-complicating the project.

This is something I find myself doing when facing large projects or doing something for the first time.  I want to make the best decision, but many times any decision is the best decision.  Just getting the process started is enough.  I have found this especially true as I’ve been starting my business.  I’ve starting telling myself to just try something because I can usually make adjustments later.  If I never start, I can’t do anything.

Our one-day kitchen storage

Keeping the process simple helps as well.  I love the KISS method – Keep It Simple, Stupid.  No need to make things complicated and add stress unnecessarily.  I didn’t need to add extra steps and more complexity to our kitchen project.  It was much easier to just get the stuff out than to find its perfect one-day storage location.

This will be a great lesson for me to keep in mind as I adjust to being a parent…talk about things I haven’t done before!  Avoiding over-thinking and over-complicating will cause me less stress, which will cause J and the Little Guy less stress, and make everything a little bit easier.  More importantly, it will give me the energy to put more effort into the items that really deserve it.

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