When More is More

I’m not a minimalist by nature, but I’ve tried to be in our small kitchen. Because of this, I decided not to replace our non-stick skillet when it got warped last year.  We are by no means fancy cooks, and I figured we could survive with a stainless-steel skillet.  This worked pretty well until I decided to make X-man scrambled eggs for breakfast on a regular basis (crazy – I never do this for the adults in the house).  A simple task except for one thing: the clean-up.  Not surprising that it was a total pain.  So much so that I would avoid cleaning the kitchen so I wouldn’t have to clean the pan.

Our slightly more full pot cabinet
Our slightly more full pot cabinet

The cleaning hassle finally got to me, and I accepted I would need to adjust my system to make my life easier. Each minute of X-man’s nap is precious; do I really want to spend it scrubbing an egg-coated pan?

I could not be happier with my decision – the egg bits now fall right into the trash.  No scrubbing involved!  My new pan has a nice home in the pot cabinet so the organizational adjustment wasn’t as bad as I made it in my head.

While it can be good to be a minimalist (especially in small spaces), a little extra can also make life so much easier – totally worth it in this case!

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