Five Ways Organizing Can Help You Workout

The Chaos:

I usually don’t have a problem getting workouts in, but when life gets crazy, I start to give myself all sorts of reasons to skip workouts. And when I don’t workout for a couple days, I am not a good person.

Handling The Chaos:

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), I spend a lot of time thinking about organizing and productivity. So when I start having issues getting workouts in, I automatically start to think about how to use the organizing process to help.

Issue #1: I don’t like my workout gear.

Organizing Help: Purge.

Why get rid of clothes that I’m just going to sweat in? Because if those clothes are even just a tiny reason you aren’t getting workouts in, it’s holding you back. If you like your workout clothes, you might be more likely to put them on, and then maybe more likely to workout…goal achieved!

So get rid of that gear that never fits right and then learn what items and brands you love to wear for workouts. I’m totally in love with the Zella brand at Nordstrom, and Under Armor, and Nike…okay, I have a tiny bit of a workout gear fettish.

Full disclosure – I do have a couple items that I don’t like wearing, but those items live in the back of my workout drawer just in case the laundry doesn’t get done. That’s just good planning 😉

Issue #2: I can’t find my workout clothes.

Organizing Help: Group.

My closet is a total disaster. But even with all this chaos, I keep my workout clothes together so I can easily get ready for a workout.

It’s not organized and it gets crazy, but I can find the clothes I need when I need them.

If this is one of your issues, gather everything you need for a workout together. This doesn’t mean you need to organize your whole closet if you aren’t up for it (as evidenced by the state of my closet), but clear out space in your closet or dresser so you can make getting ready a one-stop shop.

Issue #3: My schedule is crazy.

Organizing Help: Plan.

My workout time is all over the place…I might take CrossFit classes at 6 am, 7 am, 9:30 am, or 4:30 pm depending on what’s going on with the family and my work schedule. It’s hard to get into a routine with a lack of a set schedule, and when I don’t get workouts in, I become a crazy, stressed-out lady – not good.

Getting my Crossfit workouts in…whenver I can! (Photo credit: Coach Clark Hibbs, CrossFit Yellow Rose)

Box Jumps at Crossfit Yellow Rose

I try to plan my workouts for the week every Sunday, taking into account J’s schedule, the boys’ schedule, and my work schedule. The plan rarely gets executed perfectly because life happens, but it at least gives me a place to start.

So take time to plan your workout schedule each week if your schedule varies from day-to-day or week-to-week. It may even be helpful to think of a couple different workout options for each day to give yourself flexibility.

Issue #4: The only time I have to workout is the morning. I hate getting up in the morning.

Organizing Help: Plan and have someone waiting for you (aka accountability).

I hate getting up early. But sometimes when I do my weekly workout plan (see Issue #3), I only have time to workout in the morning – ugh. If I know I have an early morning workout the next day, I set out my workout gear the night before which starts to put my head in the right spot…”I will go workout tomorrow morning! I will not incessantly hit snooze and annoy my husband!” Plus it’s hard to find what I want to wear when I’m only half awake.

I’m also way more likely to do something I don’t want to do if someone is expecting me to do it. When I reserve a spot in a 6 am CrossFit class, the coach is expecting me to be there. Being harassed about not making it to class is motivation for me to get out of bed.

This issue can be so hard to overcome, but keep trying and pushing through the pain of rolling out of bed.  As much as I hate to admit it, the 6 am classes aren’t as horrible as I thought they would be (never tell my husband I said that).

Issue #5: I can’t workout because I always have the kids. I can’t make it to the gym. I can’t make it to a yoga studio.  (This little voice gets really annoying.)

Organizing Help: Find what is working, what isn’t working, and think of new solutions. Be specific!

When I work with clients, I spend a lot of time asking…

Does that work for you?

Do you like that product?

What don’t you like about this organizing product?

All of this information helps me uncover their real organizing issues, so I can help them find solutions that will really work for them.

The same is true with what’s holding you back from working out. Once you are specific about what’s holding you back, you can start to brainstorm solutions that will work for you.

Ask yourself…

Why _______ (can’t I make it to the gym/can’t workout at home/etc.)?

Why do I like _______ (going to the gym/this class/etc.)?

Why don’t I like _______ (going to the gym/this class/etc.)?

What are other options?

Why could those options work for me?

You may come up with the “aha” moment, where you really see what’s been holding you back. Or you might just have a list of other things to try. So try them and make adjustments as you learn what works and doesn’t work for you.

My recent workout issue was not being able to make it to a yoga studio. And by recent, I mean since TJ was born over two years ago. I kept trying to make it to a yoga class but just couldn’t. I tried an on-line stretching program for a year, but I didn’t like it.

What do I like about yoga? Vinyasa flow classes, being in a studio.

What do I need in a yoga program? I need to do something at home, it needs to have lots of different options, and I need to be able to fit it into my life.

Once I was more aware of what I needed, I had a more successful search. I found YogaGlo and have been doing it four times a week for over a month. It has tons of different classes, and it’s filmed in a yoga studio so it’s almost like I’m at an actual class…if yoga studios had four year-olds coming in and saying, “That doesn’t look hard Mommy. I can do that. Why are you laying down? Why are you doing yoga? What is yoga?”.

Bits of Calm To Remember

These five tips are by no means the only things to try if you find life getting in the way of your workouts, but looking at how the organizing process could help might just shed some new light on your issues and get you unstuck.

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