Happiness is Pull-Out Drawers

X-man and I hit up The Container Store last weekend – my first trip there since the move (I’m amazed it took so long!). We had our shopping list, measuring tape, and, of course, snacks! He was a trooper and even helped carry laundry hampers across the store.

The main room I worked on was the kitchen, and the first area of attack was the silverware drawer.  I don’t even need to explain why – just look at this picture…


A simple enough fix, but I didn’t buy one initially because I wanted to make sure this is where I wanted to keep the silverware.  This drawer is deep enough for a two level organizer, but I kept it simple…

Why God invented drawer dividers.

Next up was the island cabinet where we had food storage containers and water bottles. It’s a good sized cabinet, but it was so deep that we couldn’t use all of the space.  Enter elfa gliding drawers from The Container Store! Now all is right with the world…

I actually got a little happy feeling when using the napkin drawer today – it’s the small things 🙂

This is part of a series on how I’m organizing a new home while taking care of two kids with J, trying to start a business in a new area, and handling life in general. In an attempt to keep posts timely, I ask all readers (especially my English teacher mom) to forgive errors. I’m going for completion, not perfection.

If you want to see my ideas on how I’d like our home to come together, check out my Pinterest board: The Organizer’s Home.

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