The CTO Files Begins!

Welcome to The CTO Files – a blog about my organizing adventures and use of Calm Through Organization (CTO – clever, huh?) to help me stay focused on my top priorities: family, friends, and health.  Of course, I also enjoy running my business, eating great food, traveling, shopping, volunteering, but all that would fall away if I needed to take care of my top priorities.

A response I often get when I tell people I’m a professional organizer is “Your home must be really organized!”.  The truth is that while I am organized, it is not necessarily my natural state.  I have not always lived in an organized environment, so I know the work it takes to create and sustain one.  However, I also know the great benefits of living in an organized space.  The CTO Files will share my organizing process and where I choose to be organized (our tiny galley kitchen) and where I choose to let things go (our fridge).

I’ll also share my favorite products, the adventure of owning my own business, and my husband’s and my adjustment to the new world of parenthood – scheduled to hit us in late June with a little boy!

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