Three Months of Clutter…Good-Bye!

My recent project was an “I need to clear off this space before I lose it” project…

Three months of clutter
My weekend “I need to clear this space off before I lose it project”. No explanation necessary.

This space had been collecting clutter since we moved – that’s three months of clutter piling up.  Not a pretty scene.  To make things worse, it’s in the middle of our living space in the kitchen, so I spend most of my day looking at it.

I had had enough and decided it would be my weekend project (I was also spurred to action by a check I couldn’t find…not good).  On Saturday, I was only able to spend about 10 minutes on it…I almost cleared off a corner AND I found my missing check!

Saturday's progress...doesn't look like much (because it's not), but I found my check!
Saturday’s progress…doesn’t look like much (because it’s not), but I found my check!

Sunday I was able to spend a good amount of time on it – probably 2-3 hours in total thanks to a long nap by Lil’ TJ.  I typically pick-up and organize by making piles of things to do and things to put away.  At the end I have a cleared space, but lots of piles that still need to be handled.  This time I tried a different approach..

  • I would put things away as I picked them up.
  • I would complete things to do as I found them.  Most of these were taken care of quickly. Longer items (the baby locks for the kitchen cabinets or X-man’s 3 year handprint) could stay on the counter as reminders of things to do.

It’s a slower and less efficient approach because I spent lots of time walking around the house putting things away, but it really worked for me. I was able to take care of action items when I had the motivation to do them, instead of trying to do them at the end of the project when I just wanted to sit down. I still have a couple piles around the house to take care of, but it feels like a manageable amount of work.

Here’s the final result…

The change is amazing and makes me so happy :-)
The change is amazing and makes me so happy 🙂

It will take some work to keep it clear because it’s such a convenient place to drop items, but it’s much more doable now that there isn’t three months of clutter to go through! For this space to stay clear, I’ll have to figure out what to do with the space.  Another project for another day…

This is part of a series on how I’m organizing a new home while taking care of two kids with J, trying to start a business in a new area, and handling life in general. In an attempt to keep posts timely, I ask all readers (especially my English teacher mom) to forgive errors. I’m going for completion, not perfection.

If you want to see my ideas on how I’d like our home to come together, check out my Pinterest board: The Organizer’s Home.

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