Heart of the Home

I’m in the middle of deciding on the heart of our home…the kitchen!

The Chaos

Deciding the kitchen layout.

Handling The Chaos

I’m currently negotiating the kitchen layout with our contractor. He says I spend too much time looking on Houzz and Pinterest. He should know better. I’m a Professional Organizer; I think about organizing and improving functionality ALL THE TIME!

The kitchen really is the heart of the home; no matter the size or location, everyone ends up hanging out in the kitchen. It has to function well. We are starting from nearly a blank slate, so why not make it as functional as possible?

When evaluating the layout, I created zones for the activities that will happen in the kitchen:

  • Prepping – Mainly on the island.
  • Cooking – At the stove, on the island.
  • Eating – On the island, in the dining room (which is now open to the kitchen ☺).
  • Cleaning – At the sink and dishwasher.
  • Managing – I wanted to create a command center somewhere in the kitchen. I’ll probably do most home management tasks sitting at the island, so I want storage there for desk items, mail, planners, etc.

My kitchen layout sketch…who needs a fancy computer program?
My contractor said he was going to take my drawing pad away from me.

1 - My drawing

Moving Appliances

The initial layout had the dishwasher between the oven and sink, but moving it to the other side of the sink will bring it closer to where we will use and store dishes, glasses, and silverware.

Initial kitchen design (one showing the island).
And, no, we aren’t getting a sub-zero fridge!


Unique Storage

To add a Command Center zone in the island, we are adding drawers on the side of the island without a countertop overhang. I initially thought this might look weird, but the more I looked at pictures of kitchens (maybe I do spend too much time on Houzz), I found you can pretty much do anything you want with an island – they are all unique!

Pantry Negotiations

The pantry is still being discussed. It was initially a long closet with a pocket door at one end, but I couldn’t figure out how to arrange the shelving so you could easily access all of it. The spacing would be too tight and would cause frustration. After a couple of designs, we’ve settled on putting in a corner pantry. The size is still being negotiated…stay tuned!

Where the pantry will go (the old laundry entry will be closed).
The spray paint is the initial footprint, but I think this design will just cause frustration.

 Bits of Calm To Remember

  • Go with your gut. I’m sure my contractor would rather I accept his initial layout, but there were pieces that just weren’t going to work.
  • Ask for what you want. Having drawers on the side of the island is unusual and it’s going to cause some different cabinetry. My contractor initially said it wouldn’t work, but after a couple iterations, we found a solution. If I had taken the initial no, I would have always looked at our island wondering if it could be better.

What’s Next?

  • Finalizing the kitchen layout.
  • Shelving redesign in the mudroom.
  • Cabinet organizers.

My contractor will be sick of me by the end of this!

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