Surviving Full Blown Reno

We are in full-blown remodel mode!

The Chaos

  • Returning from a trip to a house with no kitchen
  • Adjusting TJ and X-man to the new home layout
  • Messy, messy rooms

Handling The Chaos

Before we left for a Memorial Day trip (there are no vacations when you travel with two little kids), I changed the functions of our “livable” rooms. When we returned from our trip, demolition had commenced; it was time to test how the new room functions would work.

The home we returned to…yikes!

Kitchen demo

Unfortunately, all of the rooms we could be in were a mess. But we also returned to a home with no Internet, so I spent three days organizing and calming our house before the Internet got fixed– the universe’s way of helping me set priorities ☺

Taking care of the boys

I started with the spaces the boys use the most, and after three hours of kid-free work, their playroom and bedroom were done. Giving them spaces they can easily play and sleep in was essential to making everything else in the home better.

Before and after of the new playroom – having a space where it’s easy for the boys to play makes everyone happy!

The new playroom isn’t that big, so I made sure to use all the space available – especially the closet (it has some great built-in shelving).

I used storage furniture from the demo zones to help keep the playroom organized.

storage furniture

Getting the boys room organized forced me to do some tasks I’ve been putting off… boxing up pants and long sleeve shirts and too small clothing.


Besides playing and sleeping, we spend a lot of time in our home preparing meals or eating them; getting the new kitchen and dining room set-up was next on the list. I didn’t know if we would actually cook in our bathroom, but we are about 50% eating out and 50% bathroom cooking.

TJ had made a habit of opening all the boxes on the shelving on the way to the shower, so I moved most of the food into our linen closet. He still gets in there to demolish Cheerios boxes, but at least now I can close the doors.

Our bathtub sink.

bathtub sink

We also invested in a mini fridge…life saver! We no longer have to walk across the demo zone for our frequently used items.
Plus we can grab a cheese stick while in bed – a dream!

mini fridge

Not done, but good enough

I still need to work on my office and closet, but for the most part our new home is functioning pretty well. Like I learned last week…80% = DONE!

Bits of Calm To Remember

  • 80% (or 50%) can = DONE! This might become my new mantra.
  • Focus on the kids. We are often told to focus on ourselves first, but this was a case where the kids took priority (let’s be honest…they usually do). They don’t understand why their home has been turned upside down; they just want a place to play, sleep, and eat. Creating those spaces made life better for everyone.
  • Invest some money. The mini fridge investment made life so much easier.
  • Invest some time. The lack of internet forced me to spend time organizing these rooms; now I see how important it was to invest that time. I’m planning on taking time away from work when the remodel is over to get the house back to normal.

What’s Next?

I’ll soon have to finalize the kitchen layout. Once that’s done I get to start picking out cabinet organizers! And pantry shelving! And mudroom shelving! Woo hoo!

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