The Breaking Point

I’ve reached the point that all people going through a remodel reach…

The breaking point. I’m done. I want my house back.

I’m stressed that we’ve made bad decisions…Will I like the cabinets? Do I like that tile? What if I hate the flooring? What if I don’t like the paint colors? At this point, I don’t think I’m going to like any of it.

I’m stressed that we are behind schedule.

I’m stressed that we will be on vacation while work is being done…I’ll be losing control of the project – ugh.

Then I got strep throat last weekend. FYI – having strep throat when your bedroom is also the kitchen and dining room is pretty horrible.

What finally pushed me over the edge was dinner last night. I fully prepared it in our bathroom (with the boys running around), and when I went to light the grill, it wouldn’t light. We went out for tacos, and I decided I was done with the remodel.

My dinner prep space last night…all for naught!

1 Dinner Prep


So…I thought this would be a good time to take a look at where our home started and how far it’s actually come to remind myself these are small issues, we will like it at the end, and to just take a deep breath.

Dining Room

We removed the built-ins at the back of the room and opened up the wall between this room and the kitchen. Our goal is to bring this room into the rest of the house; we rarely used it before.

Laundry Room and Back Hallway

Besides changing the entry to the laundry room from the kitchen to the back hallway, we moved the dryer vent so the washer and dryer can be on the same side of the room…All this work might be worth it just for that! We also removed all the cabinets and will install elfa shelving. 

Living Room and Kitchen

This is where most of the changes have taken place!

We gutted the kitchen: removed the banquette, added a bigger island, closed off two windows and added a bigger one over the sink, rearranged the appliances, removed the peninsula cabinets (our former dumping ground), moved the pantry, and opened up the wall from the kitchen into the dining room.

The biggest change in the living room is the removal of the fireplace and the addition of a big window to the backyard.


We added a full bathroom to this room.

Bits of Calm To Remember

After going through all those pictures, I feel slightly better about the progress that’s been made. Slightly. It can only get better from here right?

What’s Next?

Stay positive…this will all be worth it!

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