The L-DOOM (aka The Long, Drawn Out Organizing Method)

We’ve been living in our whole house (not the just the bedrooms) for a little over a month now. The remodel isn’t officially over (don’t get me started on that!), but we can cook in our kitchen, so it’s all good.

But now we have to move back into our home…

The Chaos

I’ve found it much harder to move back into our home than it was to compress our home into three bedrooms and a bathroom. That task was completed in about four days, but I’m still trying to get back into our home.

I had a very clear plan on how each room should function when we moved into the bedrooms. There isn’t a clear plan right now; our home is set-up differently and I’m not sure how we’re going to use the spaces yet.

Handling The Chaos

Trying to set-up and organize a room is hard when you don’t know what the goal and vision is for the room. The other issue is time. Now that summer is over, I’m focusing more on work and less on our home.

So opposed to the big organizing effort I put in at the start of the remodel, I’m taking a different approach: the Long, Drawn Out Organizing Method. Yes, I just made that up, and the acronym for it is L-DOOM…not a good sign! Not my favorite approach. Many of my clients have tried the L-DOOM and end up calling me because it takes so long!

Even though I’m using the L-DOOM, I still need a plan (I just can’t help myself!)…

Step 1: Accept this is going to take awhile.

I can only do so much. While the boys are in school, I’m focusing on work; while they are home, I’m focusing on them not hurting each other or themselves. By the time they are in bed, I’m exhausted and have very little energy for organizing.

Step 2: Decide what HAS to be done.

In our home, this was the kitchen and the playrooms (we’ve decided to keep the boys in the same room and use the extra bedroom as another playroom for the moment).

I devoted time to thinking about what we were going to store in the kitchen and then used sticky notes to label each cabinet. This gave us a starting point when we started unpacking boxes.

J ended up doing much of the unpacking. With all the sticky notes, he could put items away without asking me about the location for each item.

The kitchen could use some optimization, but it functions pretty well right now. And the cabinet pull-outs were installed last week (WOO HOO), so I’m happy with it.

The playrooms aren’t where I’d like them to be yet, but I’m not stressed about it. We have spots to put the toys away and the boys can access most of their toys and make a good mess with them.

Step 3: Let items decide where they should be stored.

Our living room, dining room, and laundry room are different now, and I’m not sure how we’ll end up using those rooms. So when I need an item in a room, I start to store it there. As the rooms, shelves, and closets fill up, I’ll add more structure, but I’m trying to be patient and let the spaces evolve a bit.

We have lots of storage in the laundry room, but I’m still figuring out how best to use it.

The living room is a bit of a dumping ground right now…still not sure the best way to use this room.



Step 4: Accept this is going to take awhile (See Step 1).

L-DOOM isn’t the organizing method I want to be using, but it’s my reality right now. J and I are usually spurred to work on projects when there’s a deadline, so maybe I just need to schedule a party so we’ll be forced to make more progress. If nothing else, family is coming for the holidays so we’ll definitely make progress to prepare for that!

Bits of Calm To Remember

Accept My Reality: I can’t give the home more of my time right now, so I’m accepting it will all get done bit by bit until I can give it more time and energy.

Do What Has To Be Done: The spaces we use the most (kitchen and playrooms) had to be put back together, or the whole family would be frustrated. With those done, we can focus on enjoying our newly remodeled space and getting to the rest of it later.

X-man and TJ enjoying lunch on the new island!


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