How to Get Thank You Notes Done

The Christmas season is approaching (or is already here according to Target)…time for parties, decorating, gift giving. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. After all that fun, thank you notes often follow. Ugh. Thank you notes aren’t my strong point; I have the hardest time getting them out. When I run into a […]

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One Bite at a Time…

I’m starting a week alone with X-man.  While this may seem like no biggy for some, it stresses me out.  I even felt a little sick when J left – not a good sign.  I have a couple breaks when X-man is with our nanny, but it’s still a lot of one-on-one time with him.

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Mindful Technology

I recently read a blog post from The Energy Project, “How to be Mindful in an ‘Unmanageable’ World“, about how corporate executives are focusing on using technology mindfully and with intention.  I love this quote from the piece: “The addiction of our times is digital connection, instant gratification, and the cheap adrenalin high of constant […]

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Priorities Straight?

I learned a lesson about my priorities this week… As I was scrambling to get to the New Moms Group, I looked in the mirror by the door and saw I wasn’t wearing mascara (I look like I have no eyelashes without it).  Yes, X-man was about to lose it as he sat bundled-up in […]

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Managing the Chaos

We are spending the holidays with my sister’s family.  My sister’s home can feel a bit chaotic – not surprising since she has three very active boys, ages 10, 7, and 4.  My sister and brother-in-law keep the home organized enough for it to function most days, but when you enter, you can definitely tell […]

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The Grades Are In…

Last Friday I posted my organizing goals for Memorial Day weekend.  The Little Guy’s quickly approaching due date had increased my Incomplete Project Stress level to a point where something needed to be done.  So I decided to use the peer pressure of the internet to help me make some progress and reduce my stress […]

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