The Inefficient Files: Enjoy the Splashes

The Inefficient Files: When being inefficient makes life more enjoyable.

Like most people, I’m trying to figure out how I can get more done each day.  How do I work, eat, workout, take care of X-man, make dinner, clean-up the house, etc., etc., etc. every day?

Recovering after X-man's first bath.
Recovering after X-man’s first bath.

One obvious time of day I could make more efficient is X-man’s bath time.  Right now, my husband and I both give X-man a bath and get him ready for bed.  This started out of necessity because neither J or I had a clue what we were doing when we brought X-man home (his first bath was horribly stressful for me!).

Now that we have six months under our belts, we can handle bath time on our own.  One of use could do bath and PJ’s and the other could pick-up the mess that was created during the day.  I almost suggested this schedule optimization, but then I stopped.

This is a special time for the three of us.  We don’t have many hours in the day when the three of us are together.  If we decide to have another child, we won’t be able to all have bath time together, and as X-man gets older I’m sure it will fade away.  Why not enjoy our bath time routine while it lasts?  It cost us 20 minutes of clean-up time, but we get so many memories in return.  Well worth it.

There are several times of my day I could optimize, but I’ve decided bath time isn’t one of them.  For now, I’ll be inefficient and just enjoy the splashes.

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