The Product Files: I ♥ Workflowy

Last summer I wrote about my love of lists and how they had gotten out of hand (To Do List: Too Much of a Good Thing?).  At that time, I found 18 To Do Lists scattered through the house.  My personal To Do List management needed some TLC.

I’m still working on managing everything in my life, but I have found a great tool to help me keep my To Do Lists under control: Workflowy (  According to the website, “WorkFlowy is the world’s best tool for taking notes and making lists.”  I couldn’t agree more.  It is the organizing tool that I’m totally giddy about at the moment.

Here’s why I ♥ Workflowy:

It’s ridiculously easy to learn

The site is basically a blank screen where I create bullet lists (and really, what is better than a bullet list?).  As I was getting started, I used the short help videos to learn how to do specific things like sharing, tagging, and duplicating.

My To Do Lists captured in one spot at

It’s a multi-tasker

Because it’s just bullet lists, I can keep short and long-term lists in one place.  I keep the lists I want to use on a regular basis (Daily Notes for the nanny, Shopping Lists, Daily To Do’s) expanded and I collapse the lists I don’t need to see regularly (Books to Read, House Projects, Packing List).

It’s simple

I can make it as easy or as complicated as I want.  Unlike my business To Do List, my personal To Do List doesn’t need to include due dates or time required (although I can include that information as necessary).  As new to do’s pop into my head, I have a place to capture them without worrying about the details.

It’s mobile!

This makes me most giddy about Workflowy.  I can access my To Do List anytime I have my computer, iPhone, or iPad.  I keep my Shopping List in Workflowy, and while in Target I can easily access it.  In the past, I would have the Shopping List somewhere and then transfer the items to paper before I went shopping.  Also, without the app, I would put the random thoughts that popped into my head on paper and then transfer them to Workflowy – no more!

Workflowy also allows users to share lists and to tag items for easy searching.   I tag the items I want to complete during the week with “#thisweek”.  Then I can easily pull up my weekly To Do List.  Or I could create a list for my husband, and he could see it in his Workflowy account (if I could only get him to create one!).

I’m definitely figuring out how to complete items on my To Do List, but now I have one place to look when I get there.

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