The Product Files: True Love and Purse Organization

Like a lot of women, I have several different purses in rotation at a time. While this is good for my attempts to be fashionable, it causes problems when transferring items from one purse to another.  Something I need will get left behind (usually my lip balm, which I’m completely addicted to).  I don’t decide what purse I’m going to carry until I’m about to leave the house; trying to transfer everything I need while my husband is waiting is not the ideal way to start a day.

I knew a purse organizer would help this situation, but I hadn’t found one the ideal one.  But at the NAPO Conference in March, I found my true love of purse organizers…the Purse Perfector.  My heartbeat really did quicken when I saw it.  Here are the five reasons I love my new purse organizer:

  1. It has a bottom, which many purse organizers don’t.  Without the bottom, items thrown in my purse in a hurry still end up floating around.  Why bother with the organizer?
  2. Pockets! It has 13 pockets in various sizes to fit all the random things I carry around with me. Finding a great purse is hard enough, but to find a stylish purse with enough pockets to keep it organized is nearly impossible.  With the Purse Perfector, I can buy the stylish purse and bring the pockets to it.
  3. I can take full advantage of my purses.  It’s hard for an organizer to have items that are never used, but now all my purses can stay in the rotation.
  4. It saves me time.  It takes me seconds, not minutes, to get my purse ready before heading out the door.  Even when I’m carrying a clutch, it’s easy to look in the Purse Perfector and find the couple items I want to take me with for a night out.  I think it will also save me time when I’m trying to get out the door when the Little Guy comes.  I will have the items I need together and can just toss the Purse Perfector into the diaper bag (not quite as stylish as some of my other purses, but oh well!).
  5. I can easily find items in my purse. Phone? Got it. Tums? Got it.  The little bag I use to avoid getting yet another plastic bag? Done! No more digging in the dark corners of my purse to find my lip balm, which is what I’m usually frantically trying to find (I said I had a problem!).

It’s been several months now and I’m still in love with my Purse Perfector.  Every time I switch it from purse to purse it puts a smile on my face 🙂

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