What are the best organizing products for school supplies?


Before heading to the store or on-line to get products to store your kid’s school supplies, take a step back and answer these questions:

  • What do you need to store? This will dictate what types of products you need.
  • Where do you want to store it? You don’t want to buy products that are too big for the space you have to store them.
  • Do the supplies need to be easily transportable? If supplies need to move around the home, it needs to be easy for your kid to move them.

Now that you’ve figured out what and how you need to store items, see what products below will work best for you! 

Turntable with dividers – These are great for writing utensils, scissors, glue, even small crafting supplies. Good to use if supplies don’t need to move locations. Options: I LOVE these from Amazon. And these come in colors to brighten up your schooling areas.

Art or supply caddy – Another good option for writing utensils, scissors, glue, etc., but unlike the turntables, these are helpful if you need to move supplies around your home. Options: Michael’s or Lakeshore Learning.

Pencil bags – Yet another option for writing utentils. If your kid will enjoy having their OWN little bag (and not share with a sibling!), try a pencil bag or case they can keep with their stash of supplies. Options: Target or Amazon.

Over the door pocket shoe organizer – If you have a door, an over the door shoe organizer with pockets uses vertical space while keeping items accessible for kids (and items you don’t want the kids to reach up high). I like the clear pockets so you can see what is in each pocket. If you prefer the cloth versions, label each pocket to help kids find what the supplies they need. Options: Walmart or Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Tiered rolling cart – A tiered rolling cart is an easy way to make lots of supplies accessible and it’s easy to move around the home. Use bins, cups, etc. to contain items on each tier so supplies are easy to find and put away. Options: IKEA or The Container Store.

Bins in various sizes – Having containers for items will help your kid access supplies AND put them away. After you see what you need to store, you can decide if what sizes of bins and if they need lids (remember that kids are really bad at putting lids back on). Options: Target or the Plastic Storage Bins with Handles from The Container Store. I love these; they are affordable and come in various sizes and in colors.

Bin or tray for paper – A designated spot and container for paper will help it from taking over your kitchen table or desk. Options: Lakeshore Learning or Amazon. Just make sure to get one that is big enough for the size of paper you want to store. 

Magazine or book holder – These are helpful when storing workbooks, notebooks, books, and binders. Options: Lakeshore Learning or Staples. If you get a blank one, your kid can decorate it! 

Other tips:

  • LABEL! LABEL! LABEL! As much as possible, label where things are stored (with words or pictures depending on the age of your kid). Think about your kid’s classrooms – everything is labeled. This will help your kid find items, put them away, AND show when items are in the wrong home.
  • See what you already have that will work. This helps keep more items from coming into your home AND is nice to your wallet.
  • Get colorful! Make it fun by adding some color to the organizing products. Or let the kids decorate them to add a personal twist.
  • Where to shop for products:

This is not one-size fits all process, so just pick what resonates with you…and your kid! If the thought of organizing your home for school gives you a headache, contact us. We can step you through the process (in-person or virtually!), and help you start the school year on the right foot.


This is part of a Q&A series on setting-up your home, schedule, and life for virtual/distance learning in the fall. I’ve got three kids (2 year-old, Kindergartner, and 2nd grader), so I feel your pain and am just as stressed out as you are. But I’m hoping with a little planning and pre-work, I can make this fall schooling experiment WAY better than what my home experienced in the spring 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Would love to help you reduce even a bit a stress too! If you have any questions as you prepare, e-mail it to [email protected]