My whole home needs to be organized – how do I begin? I’m totally overwhelmed.


First, take a deep breath and remember you don’t have to do it all at once.  Create a plan with priorities that match your goals, attacks your frustrations, and breaks it down into small sections.

Home Orgnanization Dining Room
Step 2 – Make a list of your frustration areas List everything that drives you crazy. This is a great time to vent! It can also be helpful to be specific in your frustrations. Is it your whole kitchen or or just a couple cabinets? Do parts work well already? If so, you’ll want to keep what’s working!
Home Sweet Home
Step 3 – Analyze your frustration spaces.  For each area ask yourself:
  • Is this a storage space?
  • Is this a top frustration area? (Be honest here…not everything is causing the MOST stress.)
  • Is this frequently used by you?
  • Is this frequently used by the family?

Step 4 – Put your plan together

Things to consider…

  • Open up storage spaces – this is especially helpful if your home is feeling cluttered. For example,  you need to clear out the guest room so it can become an office and school room. If you don’t have anywhere for those items to go, it’s really easy to feel stuck. If you have a storage room, hall closet, or garage where the items can go, it makes the process much easier. 
  • Is the disorganization causing you frustration or the whole family? If it’s mainly you, attack the spaces you use most. If it’s the whole family, attack the spaces everyone uses first.
  • What spaces have the most “yes” answers to the questions above? Move those up the list.


Step 5 – Evaluate Your Plan

Does it help you reach your goals? Does it solve your frustrations? If not, adjust and re-evaluate.

Step 6 – Get to work!

Start working on the space at the top of your plan. Don’t worry about the rest of it. Focus on only doing one space at a time – get it done, celebrate, and then move to the next space.

Home Sweet Home

Still feeling stuck? Virtual organizing is a great option if you can do the organizing, but just need help creating a plan. Contact me today for a complimentary consultation!


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This is part of a Q&A series on setting-up your home, schedule, and life for virtual/distance learning in the fall. I’ve got three kids (2 year-old, Kindergartner, and 2nd grader), so I feel your pain and am just as stressed out as you are. But I’m hoping with a little planning and pre-work, I can make this fall schooling experiment WAY better than what my home experienced in the spring 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Would love to help you reduce even a bit a stress too! If you have any questions as you prepare, e-mail it to [email protected]

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