One Bite at a Time…

I’m starting a week alone with X-man.  While this may seem like no biggy for some, it stresses me out.  I even felt a little sick when J left – not a good sign.  I have a couple breaks when X-man is with our nanny, but it’s still a lot of one-on-one time with him.

I felt sick until I remembered the “How do you eat an elephant?” question.  This question is often used when talking about large projects…”How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  A large project can be overwhelming if you are looking at the WHOLE PROJECT (the elephant), but if you only look at a small piece (one bite) it seems much more manageable.  While I would typically think of this question when facing a large organizing project with a client, it seems appropriate in my current situation as well.

I don’t have FIVE DAYS alone with X-man.  I have small bites of time: the morning, our regular Target shopping trip, Mom’s group, nap time (oh, glorious nap time!), getting ready for bed.  By breaking the days into small bites and only focusing on the next one in front of me, the week feels much less overwhelming.  My stress levels are going down…at least a little bit – it is still a week alone with a 10-month old!

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