Organizing the Unknown

When organizing a space, I always try to think about how I live in that space. This was tough when setting-up the Little Guy’s room since I’m not sure how we will function in it.  I tried to make my best guess and leave room to change things later.

Now it’s complete!  Here’s where things ended up:

Best Closet in the House
On the left, I hung-up 0-3 month outfits. On the right, I hung-up outfits for 6 months and older that I wanted to make sure got worn, such as a sweater my aunt knit and a University of Michigan onesie (J’s a huge Michigan fan).
I stored frequently used items on the middle shelves and made sure to leave room so items can be rearranged and added later.
My Favorite Wall
The cubby storage is great for toys, books, and other knick-knacks. I left one cubby empty for new toys; I know that won’t be enough!
The changing table baskets store frequently used items: diapers, burp cloths, onesies, PJ’s, and bibs. The drawers store baby care items and have plenty of space to grow into.
Under Crib Storage and Nighstand
Crib sheets and mattress pads are stored under the crib since that is where they will be used. The other bins store 3-12 month clothing.
The nightstand is conveniently located next to the glider and can store extra books and toys.

I know things will change as we grow as a family, but I’m so happy with our starting point!

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