Small project – big change!

  Before I decided to hire myself, I organized our linen closet.  With a lack of purpose and shelves that were falling down, the closet had been driving me crazy for months. Things just ended up there because there wasn’t clear definition of what should go in the closet…it was storing sheets, some cleaning supplies, some […]

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When More is More

I’m not a minimalist by nature, but I’ve tried to be in our small kitchen. Because of this, I decided not to replace our non-stick skillet when it got warped last year.  We are by no means fancy cooks, and I figured we could survive with a stainless-steel skillet.  This worked pretty well until I […]

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Getting Out the Door

Moms often say to me, “It’s so hard to get out the door with my kids.”  Seven months into motherhood, and I’m experiencing this first hand.  As I’m trying to get out the door with X-man, I always find myself running around or digging through piles of stuff in the entryway trying to get everything […]

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