How to Get Thank You Notes Done

The Christmas season is approaching (or is already here according to Target)…time for parties, decorating, gift giving. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. After all that fun, thank you notes often follow. Ugh. Thank you notes aren’t my strong point; I have the hardest time getting them out. When I run into a task that I never seem to complete, I try to simplify it and increase my chances of success. Here’s how I’ve tried to make thank you notes easy so they actually get done.

The Chaos

You had a party, you opened gifts, the kids went crazy, it was awesome! But now you need to give a little thanks. There’s nothing like a handwritten thank you note, but it’s just one more thing on your to do list. And if you have little kids that can’t write yet, it’s even more work.

Handling The Chaos

Video thank you notes! It’s as simple as it sounds:

Step 1: Have your kids (or whoever) create a short thank you note video on your phone.

Step 2: Text the video to the gift giver.


Depending on the situation, you might want to wait until all the gifts are open and shoot the thank you note videos later (God help anyone who tries to stop the Christmas morning present frenzy to shoot a thank you note video) or add some video of the present being used or displayed.

I used this method after X-man’s 4th birthday party last summer, and it worked great. Relieved my stress, he thanked his friends, and it actually got done! I initially thought a video note wasn’t as “nice” as a hand-written note, but they were a better way for X-man to say thanks because he was more involved. And he still felt the thank you note pain; he complained when he had to do a video instead of opening the next gift.

Now that X-man has started writing, we’ll probably do a  mix of written notes and video notes for him this Christmas and video thank you notes for TJ, who just turned 2.

Bits of Calm To Remember

This might be a better method for younger kids than for older kids/adults (plus, people really only want cute kid videos). But keep in mind that the goal is to say thanks. If the only way it will get done is to shoot a quick video, who cares?

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