How To Get Back to Routines When Life Gets Crazy (or Crazier Than Normal)

Life can be crazy, but sometimes it gets super-crazy: you are extra busy at work, health issues crop-up, the kids are constantly sick, house projects get out of control…the possibilities are endless. But when that extra crazy time goes away and you get back to normal crazy, how do you get the routines in your home back on track?

The Chaos

This has been a crazy, up and down year for our family. I had two surgeries; TJ had one. We remodeled everything in our home but the bedrooms, and while we love the final product, things did not end well with our contractor. There was a lot of emotional and physical stress in our family. Most of our normal routines completely fell off track.

Handling The Chaos

It seems our extra crazy year will soon be behind us, and we can return to normal crazy. Here’s how I’m trying to get the routines back in our home…

Accept and Move On

I wish I had been able to workout more, eat healthier, and do more with my business this year. But I need to give myself a break. There was a lot of s#@t going on this year, and I had to focus my energy and time on other things. Now I can re-focus on different priorities.


When life keeps throwing curve balls, it’s hard to take time to plan the next week’s activities, to dos, and meals. So I forgot activities, things didn’t get done around the house, and we ate out way more than we should have. But my planner is back, and I’m taking time to plan throughout the week.

Now that I’ve reunited with my planner (yes, I use a paper planner!), I have a better idea of what’s happening in the next week so I can plan workouts, meals, and things I hope to get done.

More planning = more getting done!


Even though our schedules aren’t packed, we need to do a better job communicating our calendars and the boys’ activities. More importantly, we need to communicate what we would like to get done around the house.

Enter our new command center!

Our new command center will help improve how we communicate calendars, meal plans, and our to do list. It also helps us store paperwork, magazines, catalogs, and some of the boys’ artwork.

One of the routines we're trying to get back to is a weekly(-ish) to do list...I hope our new command center will help!

About once a week, J and I put a joint to do list together. It’s a small board, so the list can’t get too long. We tend to think we can get way more done that we actually can! We have a starting point when figuring out what to do when we have a free moment…unless sitting on the couch to watch football wins out!

To Do List

This is something we did when X-man was little, but this routine has been non-existent for a couple years. The command center is in a very visible area of our home providing me plenty of motivation to keep it up to date!

Bits of Calm To Remember

Things did not go as I saw them going this year: over and over and over again. But at the end of the day, I have a great family, great friends, and it’s all good.

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