There Isn’t a Book for This

Much has changed since my last blog post – mainly the wonderful addition of the Little Guy, now known as X-man, to our home.  With such a major change happening in my life, I thought the blog needed to change.

X-man - he survived and so have we
X-man – he survived and so have we!

As my husband and I loaded the X-man in our car for the first time, I was amazed that the hospital was letting us take this tiny, helpless person home…and expecting us to keep him alive.  My thought was they don’t know if I read the books! He could die!  (I was still a bit irrational after the delivery.)

As I thought about this event that still blows my mind, I realized this is true about all areas of my life.  I’m always on the look-out for information on organizing, running a business, working out, eating healthy, managing a home, meditating, being stylish, etc., etc., etc.  Good information is out there, but there is no book specifically for me.  I need to trust myself to know what information to use and what to discard.

I’ve renamed the blog “There Isn’t a Book for This” as a reminder that an instruction manual doesn’t exist for everything – I’m writing the manual each day.  In the blog I’ll continue to share my organizational challenges that have increased tremendously since X-man came, together with how I find solutions and how sometimes I just let it go.

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