A Whole “New” House

We officially started the reno this week!

The Chaos

  • Construction on the new bathroom turned the playroom into a work zone.
  • Demo day for the big work is approaching – time to clear out the rest of the house and set-up a temporary home in the bedrooms!

Containing The Chaos

The big focus of this week was preparing for the demo of the kitchen, laundry room, and living rooms. Luckily our home is arranged so we can contain ourselves to the bedrooms; we just need to change the function of each room.

TJ’s Room –>Playroom and Living Room

We could have left TJ in his room, but then we wouldn’t have a playroom (I love having a playroom) or place to watch TV (I love to watch TV). I eventually wanted the boys to share a room, so we decided to do it while everything else was already in chaos.

Still a work in progress, but our temporary living room will get a lot of use in the next couple months!

TJ room

X-man’s room –> X-man and TJ’s room

Now the brothers are bunking up! Because I was scared TJ was about to flip himself over the crib railing, we moved him into a big boy bed. Since he was getting a new bed and X-man’s bed was a little rickety, we got them matching beds from IKEA.

So we had to build two new beds as we prepared for demo day. And transition a 1.5 year-old out of a crib. And get the brothers used to sleeping in the same room. Apparently we are gluttons for punishment.

How cute are these beds?

Xman room


Master bedroom –> Dining room and master bedroom

Who doesn’t want to eat in their bedroom?

X-man still asks if we are going to have a picnic in the bedroom ☺ I set-up the Keruig next to the dresser…I kinda love having it in the bedroom. It might stay after the remodel!


Master bathroom –> Kitchen, pantry, and master bathroom

This is the space that cracks me up the most. My sister and brother-in-law told me to plan on eating out every meal (they recently went through a kitchen remodel), but we are going to try cooking.

I feel like it’s similar to becoming parents for the first time…you make lots of plans of what it’s going to be like, but when the baby arrives all the plans go out the window. The same will likely happen here, but we are going to give it a shot.

Our bathroom vanity/kitchen counter. Make toast while you brush your teeth!



Grab a granola bar on your way to the shower.


I put the items we’ll rarely need in the hallway linen closet.

linen closet

The rest of the pantry is in our bathroom linen closet. It’s got it all: toiletries, olive oil, towels, spices, potty seats!


Office –> Office and Dumping Ground

I didn’t have a specific function for my office, but it has turned into the dumping ground for the home.

My goal is to clear this space out a bit and take advantage of all the built-in storage space.


I knew we would never get everything done on our own, so I hired packers to pack and move everything we wouldn’t need during the remodel. While they packed, I was able to start setting up the rest of the rooms with their new function. I initially felt uneasy about doing this (is it really worth the money?), but as I looked at everything else we still needed to do last night, I decided it was worth every penny.

The storage room is almost full to the brim – thank goodness we installed more shelving!Full storage room

Bits of Calm To Remember

  • It’s okay to hire help! Without hiring the packers, J and I would have spent at least 12 hours packing (how long it took the packers)…or just thrown everything in boxes.
  • 80% (or 50%) = DONE! I often try to get things exactly how I see them in my head, but I rarely have time to devote to get things just so. I’m focusing on the items that have to get done and letting the rest go.
  • Start earlier. Duh. This is wishful thinking. I knew we would be bumping against the demo day deadline.

What’s Next?

We go on a trip and will come home to a house without a kitchen! That’s when the rubber meets the road…will we really cook in our bathroom?

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