Just Don’t Care

We just returned from our beach vacation…

We survived 44 total hours in the car with X-man and TJ to return to our almost done home. Now that we are nearing the end, I find I just don’t care as much anymore.

The Chaos

When I set-up our living space for the remodel, I did some basic organizing, but didn’t go all out designing a system because I knew it was temporary and wasn’t worth my time to make the spaces easy to maintain. Sure enough, after nine weeks of cooking in our bathroom, eating in our bedroom, and dumping items wherever we can find space (plus packing and unpacking from a long road trip and week at the beach), our living area is a bit of a mess.

Handling The Chaos

I’m letting go…I just don’t care as much. We are almost done with the remodel and living in our small space (I’ve heard rumors of a week left, but I’m doubtful). And we are about to leave for another vacation. I just don’t care if things are messy right now.

I’m going to continue to throw things where I can find space. We will probably start eating out a bit more. Our dumping grounds will start to expand.

And that’s okay. Our situation is now very temporary and I want to spend my energy and time on work and preparing for our next trip (woo hoo!).

Thank goodness for the built-ins in my office…they are our go-to dumping ground. If we can’t find something, it’s likely on one of these shelves.

Image 1


Bits of Calm To Remember

It’s okay to let go. I always have a picture in my head of how I want our home to look and function, but getting it there (or even close to there) is not always worth my time or energy. This is definitely one of those times.

What’s Next?

Final remodel steps…

  • I get to pick kitchen cabinets inserts soon.
  • The elfa shelving for the pantry and laundry room get installed today.
  • In a couple weeks we get to put our home back together!
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