There are lots of reasons you might need a junk hauler: you’re about to move and have a lot of stuff you don’t want to pay to move, you already moved and have lots of items you don’t want in your new home, or you just need to do a massive decluttering job. Regardless of the situation you may need a junk hauler. A junk hauler can be an efficient way to clear out items quickly and safely.  We’ll cover a few of the most common questions to help you decide on the right company for you.

  • Will the truck have a dolly or other equipment to help haul the junk away? A dolly is a minimal requirement, but some trucks have small cranes with claws that can pick up a lot of junk quickly.
  • How full will the truck be when it arrives? What if I have more items than the truck will hold?Sometimes the junk removal services go from one job to the next. Make sure you let the company know how much junk you’ll be removing, so they can assign an appropriately sized vehicle.
  • How does pricing work? Do you offer free estimates? Some companies can charge per item if you need something like a mattress removed, but they often charge by how full the truck will be ( from 1/8 of a truck to a full truck load). Estimates may be done over text, on-line, or with an on-site visit.
  • How many people are on your crew? Generally crews are two people, however based on the size of the job the junk haulers will provide more personel.
  • What if you’re late? It’s always good to ask their policies on lateness.  Many times they can still remove the junk and/or offer a discount.
  • What time constraints do you have?  Make sure you ask about other potential conflicting jobs they may have that day.  It’s always good to schedule enough time to assure the job is thorough.
  • Where do you take the items?  Does it go to a landfill or do you recycle and donate items? Many of the larger companies take pride in donating or recycling up to 70% of items.  These will usually go to various recycling or non-profit centers depending on the recycled items.  For example, many pieces of furniture that get removed are still functional and are donated.  Yard waste, rotten wood and broken pieces are typically taken to the dump.  Make sure you ask the policy of the junk removal services prior to booking work.

Junk removal is definitely stressful and can be very time consuming.  Hiring the right junk removal company can make the job much easier. If you need help deciding what items you want to clear out of your home, contact Space & Serenity, and let us help!  Happy decluttering!